BWRT® Therapy wiped out lifelong phobias - in just one session

22/08/2017 21:35

Alisa Youngman, 26, from Beverley, Yorkshire, has been terrified of birds all her life

Alisa’s bird phobia was so intense that she would be on the look-out for them whenever she left the house. ‘I’d never eat outside or go to the park in case a bird swooped down on me,’ she says.

Yet recently she has been able to enjoy picnics and has even fed the pigeons in St Mark’s Square in Venice — having undergone a new treatment for phobias and other forms of anxiety, called brain working recursive therapy (BWRT).

Not only is it said to be quicker than existing treatments, practitioners say it can work after a single session, and crucially it does not involve any exposure to the source of the phobia itself.

A phobia is a deep-seated irrational fear and around one in seven people in this country has one. Ornithophobia, or a phobia of birds as Alisa had, is one of the most common, according to the charity Anxiety UK. The actress Scarlett Johansson is reported to have it.現在是中原時間下午3:30,格林威治時間早上8:30,剛剛收到了今天第一手消息8/22的英國每日郵報的報導,用大篇幅報導了BWRT®治療法。











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